Solar Farms

Believe it or not, climate change is here and it is going to change the world. Extreme weather patterns that cause natural disasters are now very visible across the globe. People, in their own little way, are now turning to renewable, environmental friendly way of powering their homes. And the sun is in the spotlight.
Solar energy is not a new thing, people have been installing solar panels on their rooftop since the 70’s. Now, solar energy is pulling in big companies to the countryside, creating solar farms that can power 100’s if not 1000’s of homes and businesses. These farms can generate energy using thousands – or even – millions of panels, and utilise land on farms that has relatively little economic value.

Key Facts and Benefits of Solar Farms

• No emissions are created from the electricity production of the panels.
• Reduces reliance on overseas fossil fuel imports.
• The eco-friendliest way of generating power for the grid.
• A 10,000MW solar farm could power over 3 million homes.
• Makes no noise or waste and has no moving parts, making maintenance minimal.
• Solar farms can also combine well with traditional animal agricultural farming.
• Can utilise unproductive farm land creating alternate incomes for farmers.
• For ever 5MW installed, a solar farm will power 1,500 homes for a year (based on average consumption)
• Energy harvested from the sun has very little impact on the atmosphere compared to burning fossil fuels.
• Great way to save on electricity bills, at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.
• Excess power can be traded via peer-to-peer trading that doesn’t need a middle man. Private individuals can make sell and buy energy on their own terms.

So, what are Solar Farms and how do they work?

Also known as solar parks or solar fields, solar farms in the simplest terms are the large-scale application of solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels to generate green, clean electricity at scale. These farms are almost always located in rural areas or remote locations. A local solar farms usually generates electricity and feeds it through the local grid, with the sun as the free energy source.A solar farm would require an extensive amount of land to operate, along with an installation of multiple solar panels, generally installed on small towers/ground mounts. Most solar farms are found in rural areas because they need to place away from shade, require large areas of land, and can be easily moved so they are at the optimum angle to harvest solar rays throughout the day and throughout the seasons. Cloud coverage, length of daylight, and other environmental factors are also considerations when starting a solar farm.


Production and Energy Produced

The energy produced from solar panels, either in solar farms or from panels on homes or buildings, aren’t always saved into batteries. The farmed energy is gathered and sent via an inverter to the local electrical grid where it can be bought by the electric utility company.

It is important, with any solar farm, that you optimize the energy produced.  The energy produced by the farm may not be needed at the time of production and without battery storage or having it sent to the grid, the energy would be wasted.   Using the latest Peer-to-Peer and Block-chain technology, the energy created and sent to the grid can now give the solar farm owner/operator the opportunity to sell the energy directly avoiding the third-party services. 

If you are looking for an alternative, environmental and Eco-friendly investment, a solar farm may be just the investment for you!  If you are wanting to save some money on or eliminate your energy bills or create some passive income contact us about creating your own solar farm.  Why not use our largest renewable energy source, the Sun, to power your investment fund?

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