Electric Buses

Cost-effective Fast-charging Transport

With projected public transport usage forecast to grow by 32 percent across all Australian state capitals by 2030, and public transit authorities looking to embrace cost effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional diesel or gas powered vehicles, Positive Off-Grid Solutions has chosen to strategically place itself in the position to capitalise on these opportunities.


Positive Off-Grid Solutions has an agreement with one of the world’s largest electric bus developers and manufacturers of one of the most cost-effective fully-electric buses on the market. Their ultra-fast charging capabilities make them financially and operationally viable replacements for conventional public and private transportation, as the technology means operators can eschew expensive charging infrastructure along bus routes.

Positive Off-Grid Solutions has secured the supply of these electric buses to both Australia and New Zealand.

To date the manufacturer has supplied over 20,000 buses into China and are the main partner to one of the United States leading electric bus services. In 2018 alone, 5,000 buses were distributed internationally.

Ultra-Fast Charging Capabilities

Fully charged in 15 minutes
Temperature fluctuations of -50°C – 60°C
25,000 cycle life

Diesel v’s Electric

Zero CO² emissions
Lower Operational Costs
Can run 24/7

State of the Art Electric Buses

Using the highest performing Lithium Titanate Oxide Batteries

With the fastest charging technology on the market

And state of the art route optimization capabilities to streamline bus routes

Ultra-Fast Charging Technology

  • No need for additional space for back-end charging equipment and no energy loss
  • No need for additional drivers
  • Portability of integrated chargers’ results in flexibility in changing bus routes
  • Better fleet management
  • Lower maintenance expenditure due to fewer assets

Ultra-Fast Charge Electric Bus Options

8-5 m City Bus

Range: 45 km
Capacity: 61

12.0m City Bus

Range: 70 km
Capacity: 80

13.7 m City Bus

Range: 50 km
Capacity: 107

18.0 m City Bus

Range: 55 km
Capacity: 118

No Maintenance Headaches

  • 30% fewer moving parts
  • 75% fewer brake parts
  • No expensive exhaust treatments
  • No oil changes
  • No liquid fuels

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