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Reduce Your Overheads, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Positive Off-Grid Solutions flagship product is the C Class Power Box. It’s rapidly deployable, long life and high-powered energy storage solution makes it the ideal green solution for remote communities, aid organisations, mining and industrial operations and off-grid communities, both domestically and internationally.

The C Class Power Box is available in light, medium and heavy specifications, which correspond to the required peak output and battery size. This class of Power Box is designed to satisfy the needs of remote locations reliably and sustainably.

Electricity generated by the C Class Power Box can be used to power various integrated systems, such as refrigeration, water treatment, distribution systems, internet connectivity, satellite communications, and much more. According to the WHO and UNICEF, 780 million people (1 in 9) lack access to clean water and as reported by United Nations, ‘A third of produce that is harvested worldwide every year gets wasted’. The C Class Power Box system is capable of providing, clean water and refrigeration and other important necessities basic to life, including the provision of power to external systems, such as mobile and remote hospitals.

The C Class PowerBox is being designed for rapid and massive production while maintaining flexibility to be customised to suit individual needs at the same time.

Containerised Reliable Power

A fully insulated and temperature-controlled power station with generator backup and remote monitoring capability.

Clean Cost-Effective Energy

Reduce your operational costs of diesel generators and
reduce your CO² emission by using clean energy

C Class Power Box Features

  • Fuel-free Power Generation
  • Little to no on-going running costs
  • Flexible Storage Options of 10 – 448kW
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Easily transported and relocated
  • Silent Power Generation
  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring Capability


Remote Communities

Mining / Commercial / Industrial Operations

Agricultural / Aquaculture Operations

Food Preservation /
Water Treatment

What is it?

The C Class Power Box is a fully self-contained stand-alone power station that comprises all the components of an off-grid solar system. All the components are housed in a 20-foot shipping container with backup diesel-generation and a solar array that can be container mounted or ground mounted.

We use a fully insulated, high-quality shipping container with non-toxic refrigerant air-conditioning. A Kubota Powered Generator provides added power security by ensuring continued power supply in the event of failure or low sunlight.

With the added feature of remote monitoring and LoRaWAN, the system can be monitored by Positive Off-Grid Solutions or a third party remotely, without the need to be on site.

The C Class Power Box has a variety of storage options from 10 – 448Kw hrs which is the equivalent of powering between 2 and 30 standard house loads.

Remote Community Case Study


A small remote Aboriginal Community in the far North-West of Western Australia is currently spending $1,000 per week on diesel for their power generation.


Install a C Class Power Box on a MacQuarie MacLease.


This can result in weekly diesel fuel savings of $460 ($24,000 per annum).


The introduction of a C Class Power Box into this remote community could aid in the provision of a reliable power source that is not impacted by weather; allows remote access to much needed services such as medical attention, education and judicial and with the diesel fuel savings carry out much needed maintenance, infrastructure or community improvement.

How does it work?

The first step to the full use of your PowerBox is mobilisation. The Power Box will arrive at your site with all the componentry fitted, programmed and the solar panels and mounting options stored in the container. Once the Power Box is positioned, in its intended location, the panels and mountings are removed, installed and cables attached back to the Power Box. Once the solar array is connected, the Power Box’s plug and play functionality means it is instantly ready to operate.

The Power Box works the same as any other solar generated power system. Using a container-mounted or ground mounted solar array, solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the sun’s energy into DC current which in turn flows into an inverter. The inverter then coverts the power to AC current to be used by your appliances / equipment .

In the event of a failure or low sunlight, the generator will automatically engage and move power to the inverter for transfer to the AC powered equipment.

As with any piece of equipment, ongoing maintenance is important but with the PowerBox, this is minimal, and monitoring of your system’s performance can be done remotely via an APP or online, depending on network access. Positive Off-Grid Solutions can provide instruction on the ongoing requirements of the Power Box and ongoing maintenance and monitoring services can be engaged if required.

To mobilise the Power Box for relocation, the solar panels are removed from their mountings then stored in the Power Box ready for transporting.

Solar Production

The Power Box generates power via a photovoltaic solar array. Depending on the power capacity of the Power Box, this may be in the form of either a ground mounted solar array or a container mounted ground array. We use quality solar panels with 20-year warranties for the most reliable power generation.

Positive Talk

Speak to us today about your energy requirements and how we can help. We offer real solutions that enable you to achieve your off-grid aspirations.

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