B Class Power Box

Reduce Your Overheads, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.


Recognising a requirement for solid, reliable off-grid renewable power without the issues of installation, enabled the design of a robust power solution which is perfect for Residential, Agriculture, Mining, Communications, Irrigation, Bore Pumps, Shearing Sheds, Crib Rooms, Fixed Lighting Plants….. the uses are endless.

Eliminate air polluting , noisy diesel power at your next community event with a clean and green option.

Portable, silent, rapidly deployable on-site emergency power for any critical

B Class Power Box Features

  • Ultra-fast charging batteries – fully charged in 15 minutes
  • 30kW 3 phase power
  • 40kW battery storage
  • Zero CO² emissions and Zero fumes
  • Silent Power Generation
  • Easy relocation and fast deployment
  • Flexible production and storage options

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What is it?

The B Class Power Box is an ultra-fast rechargeable portable generator that can be trailer, ute or light truck mounted and is designed for on-site emergency power where rapid deployment is critical.

This unique unit has been designed to make the most of high-quality componentry, latest battery technology and flexible green power for loads up to 30kWhr and battery storage of 40kWhr.

What can it do?

The B Class Power Box is designed to provide silent power generation using the latest technology in ultra-fast charging batteries. The B Class Power Box comprises a compilation of inverters, Lithium Titanate (LTO) batteries and other componentry to create a unique standalone power station.

The B Class Power Box can provide up to 30kw of 3-phase power with the capability of storing 40kw of battery power. This is equivalent to the power required to power 5 – 6 average residential house loads.

With the use of the ultra-fast charge battery technology that Positive Off-Grid Solutions has sole distribution rights for in Australia, the B Class Power Box can be charged to 80% in 6 minutes and fully charged in just 15 minutes. This makes it an ideal option where quick turnaround for charging is required, such as in the case of emergency events. The B Class Power Box can be charged from a standard 240V power socket.


Due to the design of this product, this silent power generator can be rapidly deployed, making it a responsive and reliable power source for many applications, such as:

Community / Public Events

Emergency / Military Response Events

Road Works / Construction Sites

Mining Operations

Why we chose LTO Batteries:

  • Super-Fast Charge: 80% in 6 minutes & 100% in 15 minutes
  • Seamless Discharge
  • 25,000 cycle life – 4 x standard Lithium battery
  • Highest performance per watt
  • Consistent peak power delivery
  • High efficiency
  • Widest temperature operation
  • Highest endurance

Why go LTO?

Efficient – Clean – Dynamic

These three terms define an ideal source of energy. Scientists put in extensive research and efforts to find an energy source that embodies these features but also performs flawlessly across multiple industries. Here, industries refer to those that have high energy requirements. Their efforts gave birth to what we now know as Lithium Titanate (LTO) Batteries.

LTO batteries are the most advanced addition to the energy storage systems arsenal. These batteries effectively meet the ever-increasing demand, high performance requirements and environmental concerns. They combine technological edge with economic and environmental responsibility. The end result – a powerful source of energy that drives innovation and progress without the adverse impact on the environment. Compared to the other clean energy sources that are not economically viable and hence find restricted usage, these batteries are a workable alternative to them.

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