A Class PowerBox

Small Load Power – Where You Need It.

Multiple client requests for inexpensive, small load power, the A Class PowerBox was born. Reliable and sustainable remote power to run relatively light loads of up to 1kW, without the constant maintenance and refuelling issues of usually oversized and noisy fuel generated power options.

Agricultural Applications

Irrigation / Valve Controls
Gate and Electric Fence Power
Pumps and Aquaculture Aeration

Electrical & Communications

CCTV Remote Power
Repeater Stations
Remote Communications

Agricultural Case Study


Our client was running a 6kva diesel generator to power a dosage pump which was consuming $800 per month in diesel.


Install an A Class Power Box.


In less than 6 months the client has recouped the capital expenditure cost of the A Class Power Box. They are now able to avail themselves of an annual savings to their operational costs of approx. $9,600 (plus savings in servicing and maintenance costs).

What is it ?

The A Class Power Box comprises a pole mounted solar panel, an inverter and battery, all contained in a waterproof cabinet and can power small loads up to 1kw.

This system can be installed quickly and easily without connection to main grid power in just about any location.

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